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Common questions & answers

What types of wallets can I connect to Flash?

You can connect any Bitcoin Lightning wallet in a few seconds, thanks to Bitcoin Connect. We’ll be progressively listing the full list that we accept, but any lightning wallet available on Bitcoin Connect will work.

When do I receive the payouts from transactions?

You don’t need to request any payout for your funds – they are automatically transferred to your wallet without any action. We’re the only gateway to do this!

When do I get charged for the transaction fee?

The 1% fee is captured automatically just after you receive the payment. You don’t need to do anything, we just automatically charge your wallet after the transaction, in Bitcoin, of course.

How many wallets can I connect to Flash?

You can link how many wallets you want to your Flash account, to easily manage different revenue streams and making sure you receive the money where you want and need it.

How many transactions can I receive per day?

There isn’t any limit of transactions that you can receive per day – Flash is actually made to support as many transactions and micro-transactions your business needs to support.

Can I implement subscriptions with Flash?

Yes, Flash is the first solution that gives you the opportunity to implement subscriptions in Bitcoin directly on your website, platform or app.

Start getting revenue in Bitcoin.

Open your product or services to a new revenue stream in just a few minutes. Flash will always be the fastest way to receive money from anyone.