The first pay-per-use solution in Bitcoin at the lightning speed.


In a world where digital consumption is already the norm, businesses require scalable tools that allow versatile monetization but also give end users more control over their payment preferences.

Blockchain technology, in particular Bitcoin, and its layer-2, the Lightning Network, is one of the most remarkable innovations of the 21st century — cross-border transactions, no need for currency conversion, intermediaries, delays and unnecessary fees. Not only does it offer secure and transparent payment methods but also opens up new business opportunities. By incorporating Layer 3, the Nostr protocol, which has been operating successfully for almost four years, we unlock the potential of user- and business-friendly tools.

That’s how we created Flash, the first pay-per-use solution that is friendly to business owners and their end users alike. Whether content creators, store owners or app developers, Flash is bringing a revolution to digital payments. It is the solution for tomorrow’s web!

Secured via Nostr, Flash is the first Bitcoin payment gateway that enables cost-effective transactions and seamless integration with any online environment. From stores, publishers and bloggers, through social applications, gaming sites, to music and video streaming platforms, Flash would be the right choice for you!

It is a no-code solution with a quick setup that takes 1 minute.

Regardless of your technical knowledge and skills, Flash is easy to install and to use. With just a single snippet, it allows any online project to integrate Bitcoin payments through customized paywalls, payment links, subscription plans, and more.

Flash is like Stripe, but for Bitcoin!

You might be wondering, why is this information even important? Here are some of the key points to consider: Unlike some other providers, Flash is the only platform available on the market that’s exclusively integrated with the Lightning Network. Thus, it ensures immediate transactions and minimal fees, without any ties to traditional banking. Furthermore, because it is software that facilitates payments, it is also interoperable, non-custodial, and KYC-free.

 “Flash stands out in the market by offering an unparalleled ease of accepting Bitcoin payments with a simple code snippet. Our subscription model, compatible with any Bitcoin wallet, is a first in the industry.”

Pierre Corbin, CEO and co-founder

Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss the details and together find the best options for your project. To get started, contact us here!

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