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The easiest way to pay, without password or card number

Increase sales conversion

3 out 4 buyers abandon their basket. They want a simple yet quick payment process.

No password or card number

Your buyers won’t have to input password or payment details to checkout on any website using Flash Pay.

Future-Proof payments with 3DS 2.0 and PSD2

Future-Proof your payment to be ready for PSD2 and 3DS 2.0, Flash implement exemptions to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), making payment frictionless.

Pay with Flash, the 1-click checkout.

Using Flash Pay on the product page of your site means never worrying about the checkout conversion again.

No login information or password

No card details or bank information

Buy directly from your Product page

No Address details to add

For sellers

Increase sales by integrating the Flash Pay checkout flow. Ask now for a demo!

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Increase sales and checkout conversion rates for your clients ! Join the community of Flash partners.

For developers

Flash is built to make your life easier. Don't waste time on building a 1-Click checkout flow, just integrate ours !



What's the main problem you solve?

3 out of 4 Internet users abandon their shopping cart. E-commerce transposes the logic of physical online payment. It is by observing this reality that Flash was created to reduce the current purchase journey from 8 steps to 1 click. Conversion is at the heart of e-commerce. The proliferation of online stores creates ruthless competition among e-merchants. Thus, the conversion rate is central to their strategies.


What data do consumers need to input to use Flash?

Consumers only need to enter their basic information such as shipping address and payment card once. Consumers won’t ever have to do it again for any site that uses Flash.


How does Flash work?

By integrating Flash Pay, you allow your customers to pay in 1 click. The first time a consumer use Flash Pay, they input once their delivery and payment information. Flash Pay guarantees you a conversion rate x2 while offering you an exponential customer loyalty, with the consumer who feel understood and secure. On mobile, the Flash Pay button allows you to increase your conversion rate by 5.

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