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Payment Gateway

Powered by Lightning, secured via Nostr. Accept payments in Bitcoin  in a snapshot.
Immediate transactions, minimal fees, set-up in 1 minute. The new web.


It's time to sell in Bitcoin

Make it easy for any of your customers to pay you in Bitcoin, with almost no transaction fees, via the Lightning Network. Receive payments instantly, without the need to request any payout.

Payment links

Create and embed a payment links or buttons in Satoshis (Bitcoin fractions) directly in your website.

Subscription plans

Build your community of users and accept recurring and automated payments directly to your wallet.


Implement paywalls for your blog, articles, videos or any content directly on your platform or app.

Store integrations

Integrate Flash to your store with our custom integration for WooCommerce or Shopify store owners.


Set up in 1 min,
receive BTC in 1 sec.

Flash is the first real gateway between Bitcoin wallets. Customers pay you from their wallet directly to yours, without requesting payouts or transiting to a bank account. When the service is paid, you get the money right away.

From store owners,
to app developers

Connect any store with our custom integrations or embed paywalls with easy-to-use codes. When developing a new application or platform, Flash for Devs is the best solution to implement Bitcoin payments for pay-per-use and micro-transactions.

How Flash works?

Connect your business wallet

Create your account and directly link your Bitcoin Lightning wallet to start accepting payments to it.

Create a Flash

Set up a payment gateway (link, button, paywall, integration,...) directly from your account.

Receive and manage revenue

Get paid instantly for your product or service and manage revenue and customers the easiest way.

Start getting revenue in Bitcoin.

Open your product or services to a new revenue stream in just a few minutes. Flash will always be the fastest way to receive money from anyone.

The Bitcoin payment gateway that introduces a new standard of instant and cost effective transactions for any business and individual.

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