Accept Bitcoin payments for any product or service.

Self install

Payment links

Create and embed a payment links or buttons in Satoshis (Bitcoin fractions) directly in your website.

Subscription plans

Build your community of users and accept recurring and automated payments directly to your wallet.


Implement paywalls for your blog, articles, videos or any content directly on your platform or app.

Video paywalls

Integrate a pay-per-use solution that gets you revenue everytime a user watches even a few seconds of your video or content.



Connect your WordPress based store and offer to your customer a new way of paying among the other possibilities already present.

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Download and install the Shopify extension to start accepting Bitcoin payments with one of the largest store provides in the world.

Start getting revenue in Bitcoin.

Open your product or services to a new revenue stream in just a few minutes. Flash will always be the fastest way to receive money from anyone.