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subscription plans
in ₿itcoin.

Build recurring revenue and implement automated subscription plans in Bitcoin.

₿ Recurring revenue in Bitcoin
🕙 1 min. implementation
🔃 Weekly, monthly, yearly plans
🔒 Secured via NOSTR
🧑‍💻 Simple script integration

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in the new economy.

Build  recurring revenue in Bitcoin.

Recurring plans in 1 min.

Create custom subscription plans in a snapshot: offer weekly, monthly, or yearly options with ease for steady, reliable income.

Your users will love it.

Simple, Swift, Subscribed: Delight Your Customers with a 3-Click Checkout Process.

Too easy to manage.

Effortless Management: Simplify tracking subscribers and revenue with intuitive analytics.

₿ Recurring revenue in Bitcoin
🕙 1 min. implementation
🔃 Weekly, monthly, yearly plans
🔒 Secured via NOSTR
🧑‍💻 Simple script integration

Get started in a minute.

Share your plans in less time than a coffee break.


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Sign up with ease and start accessing all the tools you need to build a subscription service that scales with your business. Quick, secure, and no technical hassle.


Set up your plans

Design subscription options that resonate with your audience. Customize pricing, billing cycles, and special promotions—all from one convenient dashboard.


Integrate in your website

Embed your subscription plans seamlessly with a simple script. Watch your business grow as customers subscribe without ever leaving your site.


Bringing new revenue streams.

They tested Flash and they loved it.

As a boutique online retailer, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve, and Flash has been a revelation for us. Their seamless Bitcoin subscription service not only sets us apart but also offers our customers a cutting-edge payment option.

Seeing a steady uptick in my revenue since we integrated Flash, it’s clear they’re on to something special here.

Casey Lin

E-commerce Entrepreneur

Flash truly understands the modern merchant. Their Bitcoin subscription solution is innovative, user-friendly, and reliable. My revenue growth says it all!

Alex Rivera


Flash’s NOSTR integration means more freedom, more security, and a seamless experience for my audience. Big win!

Anna Parlow


It’s fast, it’s efficient, and my followers are loving the smooth experience. Flash is powering my creative journey with lightning speed!

Kim Tran


Flash’s payment links have simplified how I sell my digital art. Just a link, and my fans can support me directly. It’s effortless, secure, and incredibly efficient.

Jamie Patel


Using  Flash’s subscription service has been a game-changer for my podcast. My listeners can now support me directly with hassle-free recurring contributions. It’s simplicity and efficiency at its best.

Elliott Ward


Integrating Flash’s payment links into my blog has opened up a new revenue stream. My readers can now show their appreciation with just a click. It’s quick, easy, and secure—a total game-changer for content creators like me.

Taylor Morgan


Flash’s payment links have revolutionized how I sell my ebooks. One click and it’s a done deal—easy, fast, and secure for my readers.

Morgan Bailey

Health Vlogger

How it works

Powered by the Lightning Network and Nostr

We built Flash over a revolutionary technology.

Start creating your
₿itcoin subscription plans.

Set up in 1 minute, share forever.

The Bitcoin payment gateway that introduces a new standard of instant and cost effective transactions for any business and individual.

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