Unleash the power of instant transactions

The fastest way to get paid for any service.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has been built for this – receiving transactions in Bitcoin without the hassle of waiting times and high fees. Growing at a rate of 1200% in the last 2 years, it is becoming a standard way of transacting Bitcoin payments.

Flash never holds your funds, it just sets a bridge.

We are not like a traditional FIAT or Crypto gateway – we never touch or hold your funds. We will progressively open our code for anyone to easily understand and implement a simple bridge between two wallets.

The first pay-per-use solution in Bitcoin.

For videos, audio, or any content, you can now implement a pay-per-use in Bitcoin solution. We believe it is the fairer way to consume content on the web – paying what you really owe.

Start getting revenue in Bitcoin.

Open your product or services to a new revenue stream in just a few minutes. Flash will always be the fastest way to receive money from anyone.